Augur’s log output can be configured with some basic verbosity and log levels. If you are contributing to Augur, we recommend you set the debug flag in the Logging section of your config file to 1. This will turn the verbosity up, capture all logs of every level, and it will allow the data collection tasks to print their output to the screen if they are being run manually in a separate terminal.

The verbosity and minimum log level can be controlled with the verbose (boolean flag) and log_level (one of DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, or CRITICAL) options respectively. There is also a quiet flag that will disable all logging output entirely.

If you need to change where the logs are written to, you can use the logs_directory option. If there is no / at the beginning, Augur assumes you are specifying a path relative to the root augur directory, otherwise it will set the log location to be exactly what you configured. The log directory itself will be created if it doesn’t exist, but only if its parent DOES already exist.